Three Little Pigs Story

Read the story of the three little pigs online, or download a free three little pigs pdf booklet for kids. Print it or put it on your iPad or mobile device. The story is available in both color and black & white.

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Three Little Pigs Activities

Print a collection of free three little pigs activities for your son or daughter. In this section you'll find a maze, a spot the difference printable, a hidden object puzzle, and more!

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Coloring Pages

This page is for all the kiddos who love to color. Some coloring pages are intended for preschool kids and are quite simple. Others contain a great deal of detail, which can be a fun challenge for elementary school kids.

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Revisit a Classic Fairy Tale

A little while back I decided to write and illustrate my own version of The Three Little Pigs and the Big Bad Wolf. On this website you can find the completed story, along with a bunch of free three little pigs activities for kids.

I based the text off the most famous version of the story, the 1890 version by Joseph Jacobs, which was published in a book called English Fairy Tales. There are a few minor differences, the most notable being that rather than having the big bad wolf eat the first and second little pig, they run off to the safety of their brother’s house.

For the illustrations, I thought a pencil-sketch look would suit the story best. However, when I reused some of the drawings for the printable three little pigs activities and coloring pages, I traced over them with bold lines to make the images stand out.

You can download the three little pigs story in pdf format, or read it directly online. All in all, there’s over a hundred pages of free printable content on this website. I hope you and your kids/students enjoy the story and the printables!

-Tim van de Vall


three little pigs story