Let your kids retell the story of the Three Little Pigs and the Big Bad Wolf using the popsicle stick puppets provided. These three little pigs puppets are available in both color and black & white. Download and print the versions you prefer.

Activity Suggestions

•  Allow the kids to work in small groups to tell the story.
•  Decorate the desks to turn them into puppet theaters!
•  Allow each child to play a certain character.
•  Instead of retelling the story, ask the children to come up with a new
version of the story. Ask them to draw additional props and include
them in their theater presentation.

Assembly Instructions

1. Print out the color or black and white popsicle stick puppets.
2. If you’ve printed the black and white popsicle stick puppets, ask your kids to color them.
3. Cut out each popsicle stick puppet along the dotted line.
4. Fold the puppet in half.
5. Glue a popsicle stick between the two sides of the popsicle stick puppet.
6. The puppets can be made sturdier by adding an additional layer of cardboard or construction paper between the two sides of the puppet.
7. Laminate the popsicle stick puppets if you want to reuse them.

Printable Three Little Pigs Puppets

three little pigs puppets three-little-pigs-puppets-02-400 three-little-pigs-puppets-03-400 three-little-pigs-puppets-04-400 three-little-pigs-puppets-05-400 three-little-pigs-puppets-06-400 three-little-pigs-puppets-07-400 three-little-pigs-puppets-08-400

three-little-pigs-puppets-09-400 three-little-pigs-puppets-10-400 three-little-pigs-puppets-11-400 three-little-pigs-puppets-12-400 three-little-pigs-puppets-13-400 three-little-pigs-puppets-14-400 three-little-pigs-puppets-15-400 three-little-pigs-puppets-16-400

three-little-pigs-puppets-17-400 three-little-pigs-puppets-18-400 three-little-pigs-puppets-19-400 three-little-pigs-puppets-20-400 three-little-pigs-puppets-21-400 three-little-pigs-puppets-22-400 three-little-pigs-puppets-23-400 three-little-pigs-puppets-24-400 three-little-pigs-puppets-25-400 three-little-pigs-puppets-26-400 three-little-pigs-puppets-27-400 three-little-pigs-puppets-28-400 three-little-pigs-puppets-29-400 three-little-pigs-puppets-30-400 three-little-pigs-puppets-31-400 three-little-pigs-puppets-32-400 three-little-pigs-puppets-33-400 three-little-pigs-puppets-34-400 three-little-pigs-puppets-35-400 three-little-pigs-puppets-36-400

I hope your kids enjoyed these printable three little pigs puppets!

printing instructionsPrinting Instructions

To properly print this content, make sure to turn on “scale to fit” in your printer settings. The printables are designed to fit on 8.5×11 letter-sized paper.


The three little pigs puppets were illustrated by Tim van de Vall. They may be printed for personal and educational purposes only. All content on this webpage is copyright (c) Tim van de Vall.