Let your kids write their own version of the three little pigs story by printing these three little pigs writing paper templates. They can retell the event in the story on the lines provided, or come up with a whole new explanation for the illustrated scenario.

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In this scene the three little pigs are out in the woods looking for a place to build their houses. But with a bit of imagination, that can all change. Maybe they’re walking to the train station in stead. Where are they going? It’s up to your kids/students to decide.
three little pigs story

3 little pigs storyOriginally, this scene describes the first little pig building his house of straw. But perhaps the scene is showing something else. Maybe this little pig is working hard at his first job.

three little pigs writing paper This little pig was once gathering sticks for his house, but in fact he could also be gathering wood for a campfire. Let your children write down what they think is going on in the scene.

three little pigs writing template

3 little pigs and the big bad wolf

3 little pigs printable story

three little pigsIn the original story, the wolf falls into the cauldron. But couldn’t it also be that the three little pigs are giving the wolf a bath? And the wolf is upset because dogs don’t like taking baths.

the big bad wolfThe wolf runs away. But why does he run away? Has he given up his attempts to eat the three little pigs? Or maybe he just realized he left the stove on back at his apartment. Ask your students to come up with a creative alternative explanation for the picture.

3 little pigs writing paper templates

I hope your kids enjoyed these three little pigs writing paper templates!

printing instructionsPrinting Instructions

Each of these three little pigs writing templates measures 7.5″x10″ and will fit easily on a standard letter-sized sheet of paper.


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